hot swan

The Saviour. The absolute saviour. I’ve just been on holiday in Dover for the weekend- one of those weekends which you go on to replenish yourself, but all you end up doing is eating a fuckload of chocolate, reading books about people who are doing more than you are, sitting on a futon eating Easter eggs, and watching the regional news of an unfamiliar region.

In the Sunday paper, I read this article about Marc-y here. There’s something about him that makes him feel loads like a friend, but one of those friends who you kind of want to be more than a friend, if you get me. Basically, he was really really FIT.

Look at that. You can’t help it- he looks a little bit like a girl, but has this amazing masculinity sofrgfdjklgk

They were the first thing I properly got into after the Beatles, I liked the silliness of it. Glam rock. I’ve been trying to dress a little more glam rock of recent, a feather in my hair- lots more pink. T.rex for me is a band that is so obviously sparkly with a resonating beauty underneath with Bolans lyrics such as ‘I was dancing when I was eight, is it strange to dance so late- I danced myself into the tomb, is it strange to dance so soon’

rest in glitz, marc. This wasn’t a fashion post, I KNOW I WROTE IT. Not feeling that fashionable right now- in a smelly old jumper and nothing else. Lovely image. Stay classy x glittery bagel x

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