Meadham Kirchoff. If we’re thinking along the lines of saviours, these are the real thing. I started to get into clothes in a big way about 2 years ago. I’d trail charity shops and find the most hideous things and piece them together, calling it fashion. If I have a look in the

But then I got a job, and suddenly I didn’t have enough TIME to go shopping all.of.the.time. It was ironic really, because I got all this money- and suddenly I just succumbed to the devil. Yes OKAY TOPSHOP YOU ARE SO OVERPRICED BUT ALL THE CLOTHES ARE HUNG UP NEATLY, and I can quickly purchase rather than scour the bargain bins in the charity shops.

But I didn’t get my kicks from this. There’s something about dressing like you’re insane that makes you feel good about yourself, it’s like YEAH, you know what the Man, I can wear this and still have something more to say.

But thats what stopped happening. I found myself getting shyer, coyer, hiding underneath the geometric clashy prints. The summer didn’t help- I found as I did a musical course at my local theatre- I couldn’t hide underneath these showy, layered clothes- much too hot, I spent three weeks in stretchy trousers and off the shoulder jumpers. And you know what surprised me most about this? I QUITE ENJOYED IT. it was nice for me to talk for once, rather than my clothes. Yes, I gave up on fashion.

Who could blame me? The 1950’s of the past a/w 2010 was fading, something that I adored so much it used to bring me to tears. But even then fashion let me down, it looked great on the runway, but on a 15 year old girl from Peterborough, I was the frumpy one in the little heels, (BUT WITH A DEFINED WAIST. that is the most important thing I musn’t forget.)

The only collection I REALLLLLY like s/s 2011 was Jil sandler, anyway, and bought loads of plain white tops and teamed them with long skirts. I was getting lazier, but still completely addicted to clothes, andhow people saw me.


Then the dark times came. I possess a body con dress. Black, with the mesh sleeves. It wasn’t fashion. Not high fashion anyway. I felt like I was betraying, Karl, Donatella, and the rest of them. It did make me feel good though. Boys complimented me. Enter the age of accepting my body shape, maybe lower cut things might suit me more, heels might give me that longer leg (I have the stumpsiest legs ever)

And then I found MEADHAM KIRCHOFF. (Yes we got here.) In my times of fashion denial, lots of yeah but???????????????????????????????????????????? These two favoruite men of mine, Ben and Ed, did a big fuck you! to everything! Everything! And the s/s 2012 the Courtney Love fashion show that is bookmarked and watched a million times, but all the pizzazz back into my impressionable mind.

Now I see the RTW fall 2012 collection and i will share with you. x Courtesy of

Stay classyx x



My favourite. Have fun.

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