Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight

I often find I have to listen to music in order to feel motivated to do anything. This makes me feel good, because I remember Caitlin Moran once tweeted something along the lines of ‘How much fleetwood mac am I going to have to listen to today to be able to write’, so I feel like I’m well on my way

The problem is is what do I listen to? I have this condition where I often become addicted to pressing the skip button on my ipod, like some kind of repetitive push fetish, and within 20 seconds i’m on track 184 of shuffle songs- PROPERLY INFURIATING

This is why I’ve recently got into anything other than iPods of recent- mainly to calm down my fickle mind. To sit down and properly listen to an entire album, soaking up every chord and progession, oh. Yes.

I’ve put Disintegration on. The Cure are playing at Reading/Leeds, which is a standalone reason to go- but I didnt want to pay £200 to be in a field full of people singing along to Paramore. I guess I should stop hating so bad

I think this album is pretty close to being some kind of spiritual experience, without being reggae. It’s one of those albums that has been able to provide me with all I’ve needed Cure-wise for the last three years or so. I’ve quietly dabbled in and out of this band, so I suppose that helped, but I’ve never really felt the need to have to listen to anything else by them. This is different to the Smiths- The Queen is Dead lasted about a year, I overplayed it way too much so HAD TO find some new material (Meat is Murder, THEN Strangeways and the debut consecutively. Reel Around The Fountain would be a desert island disc, if I ever found myself on a desert island and I was fortunately prepared with 10 favourite records.

Anyway Cure cure cure cure

Oh, Picture Of You has just begun. This song makes me cry. Baby cry properly cry. I’ve said properly quite a lot today, haven’t I? If you  can be bothered to count, comment back how many times I’ve said it and I’ll read your blog or whatever. As long as it can make me laugh.

I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you I can almost believe that they’re real

How could anyone possibly look this good and write so beautifully?

There’s something so wrong about this band that is so wrong, which makes it very right. The lyrics are heartbreaking and the melodic background is so painful- and if you can really be bothered to listen it can feel worse than a break-up, a fucking terrible imaginary stab in the heart. Maybe its not the same for anyone else, but I guess I’m quite dramatic

sometimes you make me feel like i’m living at
the edge of the world like i’m living at the edge
of the world “it’s just the way i smile” you said
Christ, why deal with actual boys when you can fall in love with records
If I was going to get all polyvore about the situation this is what I’d wear whilst chilling/crying/sobbing to The Cure
spiderman is having me for dinner tonight
I know it wasn’t all about black, but thats definetely how I feel when I hear the music,
Finally- I’m going to leave you with this video. Be prepared to be very seduced. Stay classy GB x

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