I’ve returned on the web… live in fear.

Woah woah woah, I am so glad to be back! For some reason, it appears that when the sun comes out, I feel like setting up a blog again. I started something up on Blogger (boo Blogger boo boo) but being totally inadaquete at anything technical, I stumbled across this and was actually quite impressed at my design, and looked back on my self a year ago and thought, WOW she probably spent 3 weeks frustrating over this, so I’ll try and revive it. 

Today was such a lovely day, and, as always with lovely days- I get an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing, followed by bouts of horrendous hay fever, so I feel all ethereal and summerlike, but look like a streaming, reddened mess. All is good as long as I stay away from mirrors (this is a general rule for someone like me.)

So, when I came back from school I sat on my bed, which quickly turned into a quick sit down before I started studying to a loungy, stretchy no pants sleep- and when I woke, the clouds had all completely gone, and I was in my warmed bedroom feeling invigorated by a COLOUR, blue skies come rarely and when they do it has such an effect on my mood. On the whole, I haven’t had a particularly wonderful wintertime, so seeing the sun and the prospect of spring into summer means more to me than I could ever explain.

I began to wonder whether, or how, we’re supposed to document these moments of serenity, of calm. Most people turn to instagram, or tweet it- which I am not opposed to, and am not about to write a long rant about (not today, anyway, har har har!)

I thought about maybe writing in my journal about it, so I went to pick up my pen, and thought what more can I write. I couldn’t possibly write how I felt because it was indescribable  it wasn’t even a feeling that could be described, more like a connection, a moment of content that had no words, compared to times when it’s so easy to write (when you’re SO super excited because you’ve fallen for a cute guy and he looked at you today- which basically means you have a reason to start doing that flicky thing with your eyeliner more because that is why he noticed you. Or if you’ve just discovered a new band, or really really want some new shoes, that’s when the words endlessly flow and often it’s hard to stop.)

I read somewhere recently there is no such thing as bad writing. I liked that, because it made me think as long as I’m writing, it’ll be here forever, and I can read back on it in the future, kind of like a photo album, but with words. Technology is weird right now, because it’s still in that adolescent stage where we don’t really know how we’re going to use it. For example, I can write in my diaries, and then read them back now, whenever I want, without an internet connection, just like people have been doing for centuries. My mum has endless photo albums of her life, and I like to make sure I print photos off/use disposable cameras cause I love how nice it is to look back on them, all pritt-sticked in with glitter and hand-written captions. But maybe I’m being too backward, we’ll all be looking at our photo albums, but online, on tablets, and maybe this isn’t a total bad thing? I still don’t know where I stand with the improving pace of technology. Technology gives me mixed signals, and I am not about that life

I got the awkward first post (kinda) out of the way. Now can I write another, please? ( I am- I’m about to write another, one with pictures! PHOTOS! Sometimes, just sometimes, the internet is such a THING.)

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