“more like…FUN-day!”

I felt like I could probably write a post, so I’m just going to go with that impulse. I have drunk A LOT of black coffee today, so forgive me if I seem a little erratic.

I always seem to write a lot in my diary on a Sunday, I read a lot in the Sunday paper supplements in the morning and I suppose they stay with me a bit.

Sunday, really, properly is my favourite day. I guess it’s because it’s the only day when I’m not at school/working, but there is still a routine- with no expectation. Quite a lot of the time I spend Sunday hungover, examining lovebites on my neck, generally feeling lousy for whatever I did the night before. The last two weeks I haven’t been drinking alcohol, not particularly intentionally- but its been lovely. I can enjoy a Sunday for something other than bacon.

A highlight of a Sunday is listening to 6Music. As I type I listen to Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service, which is my highlight of the week. 4 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon, is there ever a nicer time? I’m so chilled out right now, I could probably sleep. Not even sleep, just close my eyes and breathe deeply. It’s probably a caffeine low.

Every Sunday, when I wake up- I chuckle a little because I don’t have to get up and get shouted at for being late for anything. It’s the little things! Sunday is the only day I get a chance to ‘dress up’. I have to wear uniform 6 days a week (which I’ve written about before if you care to read it), so Sunday is ALWAYS bra-less, always with slouchy big clothes, and unwashed hair (I wash my hair on a SUNDAY NIGHT okay mom, bcos then im sorted for school. all week) Thats not really dressing up is it? I like it though, because what I wear doesn’t have to be practical- because I’m usually at home, or maybe I’ll go to the supermarket or something. No-one cares what shit you wear to the supermarket. Wear diamonds

Now, can you just listen to this- as I go and get more caffeine to ingest?

it’s just a restless feeling by my side”


Have a lovely week everyone. Tara X

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