❤~Sony walkmans keep us walking, De la Soul can help you breathe~❤


I am really not supposed to be doing this, but I am actually sitting with my laptop on a table (as opposed to it’s usual position amidst my duvet and biscuit crumbs) drinking a cup of coffee feeling pretty *professional* so I am more than willing to type.

I had an exam today (don’t worry I’m not going to moan, I am n-o-t. But anyway it went pretty shitty- I actually wrote ‘la television sera plus populaire quand ils diffusent plus documentaires, parce que les gens âgés aiment les documentaires’~ which literally means- “Television will be more popular when they (?????) broadcast more documentaries because old people like documentaries.” I’m sort of feverish, and I couldn’t breathe and started to panic like, “Hey! THIS is why our mums and teachers don’t tell us to spend study leave reading the Princess Diaries!” Today really was a revelation, if anything.

Anyhow, I went tantric shopping- which involves me liking something, standing in the queue until I am next in line and then running back to where I found it and walking out of the shop (as I can’t really afford to be spending £30 on a dress right now. It’s the tease I like. I’m such a tease to myself.)

Feeling lousy and like I’d kind of lost my otherwise constantly present *sparkle*, I reached into the hellhole of my bag and found, this!!!




If you don’t already own this, ever heard it, etc- SLAM DOWN YOUR LAPTOP TOP, smash up YOUR iPad and instantly get down to your local record store (or Amazon if you don’t have any clean pants.)

(aside) Do you ever play some really great music when you’re walking and everyone walking around you seems like they’re walking in time?

This album is the best walking music ever.

So many samples of everything you’ve ever heard on so much pop and hip hop records. You’re bound to already know most of the sounds before you’ve heard it. Ugh, it’s just so spectacular.

And also, when I walking through the shopping centre, “TAKE IT OFF!”:

“Take those acid-washed jeans, bell-bottomed, designed by your mama…
Off? Please? Please..”

Walking past numerous people in suits and looking positively grey against the sky, it’s really nice to walk into time to people saying “Take those fat laces off”


This album sounds like it was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO fun to make, particularly, ‘De la Orgee’- cause you know. I listened to interview with the boys from the band on Huey Morgan’s 6Music show- and they were just like ‘Yeah it was totally fun!’

Check this out for good clothes etc: Me Myself & I


It’s so nice to listen to something that isn’t so emotionally draining, stuff you can dance t0- that promotes having fun without doing hard drugs or fucking bitches or whatever, and they hardly ever swear, which is kinda great- cause it’s not always so necessary.

The lyrics are so great, with stuff  from ‘Can U keep a secret’:

Paul has dandruff
Posdnuos has a lot of dandruff
Mase has big fat dandruff
Trugoy has dandruff
Everybody in the world, you have dandruff

I mean: “Everybody in the world you have dandruff” is the biggest fuck you to everyone who kills your ~vibes~, brothers.

Here is a De la Soul cake
Here is a De la Soul cake

Finally, ‘Do as De La does’ which is in fact great lifestyle advice:

With the best lyrics ever, including three shouty points and concluding statemets for this post. All is shared, believed and felt wholeheartedly by myself, too.

  • Hey De La Soul, you fucking lasagne heads, that’s better than my mama’s lasagne! Hey! Hey, come on! That was freakin’ A, man! I really wanna take it back home with me, you know!
  • I really get into your fuckin’ music! It’s so excellent! Ah, you big sconzilli heads!
  • De La Soul’s so fuckin’ great!

Jeah jeah!

Oh, and oh my fucking god are you lucky or what, but you can listen to the whole thing here!

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