Glastonbury 2013 (a terrible intro post- there will be more to follow)


I got back from Glastonbury on Monday, and I’m still riding on that high as much as I possibly can. I’ve been in a constant good mood since I’ve been back, filled with the new-found sense of ‘Hey, maybe everything isn’t actually so shitty and at least I can come to this every year!”

It’s hard to explain when you write as badly as I do- especially because there are just vibes and you get to talk to everyone which is something that is actually pretty hard to do normally as people are too quick to shiftily start tapping away at their phone when they see my big, lonely puppy eyes eager for conversation. Anyway, it was so incredible, and I got a tan, and I saw Johnny Marr & the Stones, and met some wonderful people and a new found zeal for life (and particularly summer.)

I’ll post some photos up soon- once my film’s decided to end (Lomography film is literally never ending —therefore perfect—-)

I got in a suitably nice amount of trouble back at school for going, but I would get expelled to go again. (it’s on rock n roll but i like it)

CAN I STOP WRITING NOW? can I stop torturing you? Let’s pretend this never happened


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