• So depressingly unproductive every single day, but I am inclined to enjoy the freedom of lounging around in dressing gowns reading books (& eating bagels for breakfast, lunch and tea)  because I know that one day in the near-future I will be pining for days like these, longing for the bagel.
  • The thing I have always liked about Belle & Sebastian is that no matter how much I could obsess over them, there would still always be an album I hadn’t heard. For some reason, it was The Life Pursuit for such a long time, and now I’m into Storytelling. Then I will get into the live ones, until a new release comes out.
  • It has been mixture of a lovely weekend and a disastrous one. Mostly lovely, yes.
  • Life feels as if it’s running most smoothly when everything around you seems relatable in some way, when things link together cohesively (unlike this post), when your brain can feel as if it’s functioning well. Those lovely, and often bizarre coincidences when you hear a song on the radio for the first time that someone’s just told you about and are like ‘Oh!’;  if you’re watching the fourth episode in Season 2 of Orange is the New Black entitled ‘A Whole Other Hole’ & they’re talking about finding your urethra and you have cystitis: it’s like ‘Oh’.


    1. I’ve seen them twice and and am seeing them again in Paris in October. So, so good- such a great feel at their shows. Love your blog btw! X

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