“New Year’s resolution – to write something of value” 02/01/2016

Vacationing children on Squirrel Island, Maine National Geographic | June 1977


I’m waiting for my nails to dry and want my eyebrows to look good tonight so have only set aside a small part of this evening to write. Just wanted to wish all you online URLs a very happy new year. It’s a time for me to reflect on how wrong everything went in the year gone by, before contemplating just how right it went, too. There are now over 400 of you following what I’m writing here, which is something to smile about at least.

After unsuccessfully delivering my ‘Tara Lepore: The Year in Review’ speech on both Christmas and New Year’s Eve (after one too many whiskies), I’ve spent the last few days getting overly sentimental about the 365-day cycle, and what I want to get done this year. As I’ve nearly finished Mad Men, with only seven hours left until it’s all over (perfectly timed for tomorrow’s hangover), I hope to dedicate many of January’s hours with some serious blogging time, in the hope that 2016 will be more productive and filled-with-words than ever.

In the meantime, take a look at what I wrote for The Pulp Zine about the music that means the most to me here, and have a great week by listening to this, here.

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