Sunday Playlist: ‘Birthdays’ – 7/05/17

21 years old and livin’ it up in the 21st century – that needs a soundtrack right? Aha! To mark the occasion, I made a playlist which features two songs about birthdays that also happen to be two of the greatest songs ever: ‘Happy Birthday’ by Stevie Wonder, and er, ‘Birthday’ by The Beatles. John and Paul growling, in harmony: ‘They say it’s your birthday/We’re gunna have a GOOD TIME!” is just enough to make you want to live another blessed year on Earth, right?

I went home this weekend to kiss everyone on both cheeks and say lots of ‘thank you’s, and felt so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful elders and peers in my life. How cheesy is that, right! I know that might sound a little shallow at a time where I’m being showered with gifts and cake and prosecco, but I really mean it – they are awesome and kind. Birthdays are a nice chance to take a step out, reflect on the year gone past, look forward to the year ahead, and realise that if you’re finding yourself crowded around a birthday cake with people that love you once a year, everything is kind of alright.

Don’t get me wrong, each year is often *big* and full of so many moments (and not all good ones), but life in its essence is slow and meaningless, and all we’re trying to do is get along and have a good time, right? I’ve said ‘right’ a lot now – which probably means I’ve been on the prosecco in too big a way this weekend, taking on its effervescence in my general attitude t’ward things and severely limiting my vocabulary. Anyway. Cue the music!

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