Sunday Playlist: ‘Food’ – 9/7/17

Food, glorious food! Hot sausage and mustard! (You know, I realise now that I must have grown up a bit, because before, that ‘hot sausage and mustard’ lyric used to sound gross, but hot sausage and mustard now sounds so delicious. Pease pudding, which comes later in the song from Oliver!, still sounds gross, mind.)

FOOD! I’ve pulled together playlists on the most random of themes before, but – until TODAY – have yet to line up 10 songs in a sort-of considered order about the thing that brings several moments of joy into my life each day – food.

So, without further ado *clears throat and chokes on biscuit*, here are songs you can play while you’re standing by the microwave. ‘Come and get it!’

Hear it here.

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