About me

Hello! I’m a freelance journalist whose work has been featured in the i paper, Grazia, InStyle, The Debrief, The Next Web and BBC Radio 5 Live.

I climbed a mountain once! And that’s the end of ‘About me’.

I’m interested in writing about work trends, creativity, travel, women’s health, technology and Bruce Springsteen.

The work I’m most proud of to date was my investigation into why waiting times for NHS-funded abortions in the UK are increasing. The FOI-led project was published exclusively on The Debrief and was later published in Grazia magazine. It was also debated on BBC Radio 5 Live, where I went on The Emma Barnett show to present my findings.

I also write for tech industry publications, including over PSNEurope, where I write regularly about live music and audio technology. I cover the world of sextech over at SexTechGuide (good name that), where I write about data privacy, virtual reality and sex robots. Yup.

Alongside my writing, I help run FJ&Co, a brilliant collective for freelance journalists.

I’ve helped other journalists with big projects they’re working on, whether it’s writing a book or launching a podcast. Do I sound Jack-of-all-trades enough for you to consider outsourcing something media-y to me? I can transcribe, research and find case studies for you if you need – send me an email and we can chat.

I used to write a newsletter about saving money. It was called Resourceful and it was quite good (all the back issues are here for you to read). I previously co-hosted a podcast called Girl Chat about sex and relationships, which I think was even better than Resourceful because it was juicier. Unless you are my mum, you can listen to previous episodes here.

I have been writing on this blog since I was 15 years old. It’s where I share carefully-curated playlists and less carefully-composed rants. If that sounds like your bag, have a read of my latest posts or click here to see my professional clippings.

Want to work with me? Email me

Follow me on Twitter @taralepore

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