About me

Hello! I am a freelance journalist and writer living in the Netherlands, via London. This site is where I mostly share carefully-curated playlists and write less carefully-composed rants – click here for my professional portfolio.

I also work as a researcher for a range of clients, including ex-Guardian and BBC journalists, helping them to reach their goal of writing a book, recording a podcast or realising any other sort of project.


With my hack hat on, I write mostly about money, health, sex and tech. I’ve been featured in Grazia, The i Paper, InStyle, The Debrief and The Next Web, to name a few. I’ve also written for a range of B2B print magazines, meaning I have had lots of practice proofreading and circling (my own) errors with a beautiful inky pen.

I co-host a podcast about sex and relationships called Girl Chat with my best friend. Please, Mum, for the love of God, don’t listen to it.

I have been writing on this blog since I was 15 years old. Please, reader, for the love of God, don’t scroll all the way back to 2011.

I will talk to you at length if you have a press release relating to absolutely anything about Bruce Springsteen.

Want to work with me? Email me.

Follow me on Twitter @taralepore.

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