About Me

Hello there! I am a freelance journalist and writer. This site is where I mostly share creative writing – click here for my professional portfolio.

Here are the hats I wear as a writer: With my hack hat on, I go everywhere with at least two pens, and have bylines at The Debrief, Closer and RedOnline (among others). I’ve also written for B2B magazines in transport and tourism, including routeONE and Group Tourism and Travel Magazine (formerly Coach Monthly). To read what I’ve written, or read what I’ve written about what I’ve written, please visit my portfolio here, or my my LinkedIn page here.

With my playwright hat on, I wrote a play in 2016 called ‘Fitting Room’ that was produced by Eastern Angles theatre company. It was performed at Pulse Festival in Ipswich in the same year. The play explored the idea of leaving your hometown as you leave your adolescence, and was definitely not influenced by every single Bruce Springsteen song ever.

This is a Polaroid of me, without a hat on, resting on a copy of ‘Animal Stories’ by Dick King Smith.

In the few years since I took that photo, alongside writing and editing, scrapbooking and taking photographs, I’ve tweeted a lot, posted photos on Instagram a lot less often, and generally been kicking around the place looking for various ways to fill my time.

Please do get in touch with your praise, press releases and propositions for a pint (it’s nice to get out of the house sometimes) @ tara.a.lepore@gmail.com.

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