About me

I climbed a mountain once! And that’s the end of ‘About me’.

Tara Lepore is now studying a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, but was a full-time journalist. She will henceforth write about herself in the third person.

During her five years in journalism, Tara was featured in the i paper, Grazia, InStyle, Third Sector, The Debrief, The Next Web and BBC Radio 5 Live. She also wrote regularly for trade publications, most of which no longer exist (thanks, Facebook).

The work she’s most proud of to date was her 2018 investigation into why waiting times for NHS-funded abortions in the UK are increasing. The FOI-led project was published exclusively on The Debrief and was later published in Grazia magazine. It was also debated on BBC Radio 5 Live, where she went on The Emma Barnett show to present her findings.

She used to write a newsletter about saving money and simple living. It was called Resourceful and it was quite good (all the back issues are here for you to read). She also previously co-hosted a podcast called Girl Chat about sex and relationships. Unless you are her mum, you can listen to previous episodes here.

In 2020, she pivoted away from journalism and now has ambitions to train as a therapist. These days, as a psychology student studying at Nottingham Trent University, she is interested in psychological research looking at similar issues to the ones she investigated in her journalism days, including mental and sexual health, sexuality and wellbeing.

She has been blogging on this site since she was 15 years old. While angsty teen rants and tales of adolescent crushes might not be the most professional thing to keep published on your website, she came of age on the internet – and she has nothing to hide.

Want to work with her? Email her.

Follow her on Twitter @taralepore or connect on LinkedIn.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Tara
    I just wanted to double check if the article I just read was by you?
    You wrote in Grazia mag in 2019 about the shocking stats of wait times for abortion if I’m correct?
    I’m currently experiencing everything you wrote about and am stuck in a wait time with an unwanted pregnancy because Marie Stopes suck !!!!!
    They have treated me like a robot and nothing short of just another number. I wondered if I could chat to you about your findings and if you ever wrote another article on it, if I could help?
    Thanks so much for what you wrote, I definitely feel more heard !!!
    Olivia Shaw

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