Girl Chat is me and my best mate Chloe Trayford speaking to each other on the phone whenever we get a chance, talking about topics on relationships and love. The idea to record a podcast came from our extremely long phone calls that would often top the 90-minute mark when Chloe was studying abroad in the Netherlands.

The juiciest stuff was always about relationships, so, ever the content creators, we decided to start recording them (with most of the names omitted or changed to protect the truly innocent). Relationships seemed like a good topic to start the project with, as we’re usually the first person we’d both go to concerning matters of the heart. We hope to venture out to other topics of conversation (career stuff, political stuff, hour-long episodes rating every film Paul Rudd’s ever starred in, etc). Email with your suggestions.

Listen to Girl Chat on iTunes or Soundcloud now (and rate and review if you’re feeling kind).