“She’s the colour of a magazine”

– something I wrote about Suede, and glam rock, to help aid and justify a delicate day after the night before. Also, I’ve been meaning to write something on here for the past few days as I realise some of my friends are now looking at this! Hey! How you doing!

I am so surprised I am even able to write this right now. It is half past 4 and all I’ve done since returning home this afternoon is sit very still, occasionally scribbling something down in my notebook, such as ‘I am going to have a cup of tea and then I will read Othello.’ Turns out Othello is pretty long and written in a form of jibberish. Writing down these little affirmations in the hope that I will be inspired to start getting on the productivity thing- whereas in fact I feel much better about myself today lying on my bed, half asleep, half-chewing my gum from last night, coming in and out of naps.

The other day at the gym I was absolutely sweating and beaming out all the endorphins imaginable, and I had a really clear thought where I went, ‘Suede!’ I’ve never written anything about Suede, (except tiny pleas/love letters and explicit drawings of Brett Anderson) so I thought it was good if I could explore them through my writing in order to discover the undiscoverable and unexplainable magic of the whole thing, man. (I am still feeling pretty baked.)

Aside: (I was listening to Suede earlier to rekindle the old obsession, but as I write this I am listening to none other than 3 Feet High and Rising, the best album ever recorded. This had to be mentioned.)

So, let’s begin with Exhibit A.





Beautiful, androgynous Brett. I saw Suede last winter in Nottingham with my dad and he still has that compelling, captivating stage presence that just makes you hooked on his movements and the lyrics he’s singing, (Brett Anderson, not my dad.)

I searched his Wikipedia page in order to unravel the mystery a little for the sake of the blawg, and the anonymous and undderated writers of Wikipedia summed him up, perfectly: “[He] combines Morrissey’s homoerotic posturing with David Bowie’s glam theatrics”

I love the band because when listening to them, feeling a bit regretful and lousy, they manage to translate every bad decision I’ve made into something beautiful and otherwordly,  + *spoiler alert*AND THAT IS THE BEST THING WITH GLAM ROCK!!!*

Bowie, Bolan – it’s all about glitter, glitter in excess, excess, theatricality, making mistakes but turning those bad feelings into something else. It’s about saying, I’m gonna put on a show for you guys because life can be humdrum and monochrome at the best of times so we may as well make a big deal of it. Then, all of a sudden: pastel colours look simply washed out- what you thought were neutrals ‘beiges, creams, whites’ are replaced with the real essentials: ‘leopard print, sparkly silver, red, shiny black’ – and bam! You are in a good place, amongst friends.

Digressing (as per), but for me, the way DB wrote Starman ‘which had shaken everyone with its somewhere-over-the-rainbow chorus…’ – as Morrissey puts it in his Autobioraphy as well as ‘he is a Wildean visionary about to remould England’ – which always makes me smile as it’s lovely to see how musical influences all link together. (really digressing now)

I suppose Morrissey is not totally regarded as a glam-rock icon, but he was intrigued with the ambigious sexuality of the movement with Bowie, T.rex and particualrly the New York Dolls for instance. He also adored the gender-less nature of Patti Smith, and writes of her chef d’oeuvre, Horses, ‘[it] told me that, however heavy-hearted and impossible you might feel about yourself, you can still bestow love through recorded song.’…The fact that you don’t look like a pop star in waiting should not dishearten you because your oddness could be the deciding wind of change for others.’

The first Suede album I came across was ‘Coming Up- my dad handed me the CD and said, “listen to Track 9”, and I did- for a very long time over & over and it has actually inspired a lot of my little writing pieces over the last few years.

“Oh, we are young and not tired of it, we are young and easily led , oh – with all the kids getting out of their heads.”

I am growing sleepier (you don’t even know how long its taken me to write this post – today has been very delayed and mellow) – so I will leave you with a few more songs to hear, if you can handle the barrage on all of the senses.

“Shaved heads, raveheads, on the pill, got too much time to kill.”

“What does it take to turn you on now he has gone?”

“Sunshine will blow your mind, and the wind blow your brain.”

So good, so good.

Oh, so good.

*stuck on my eyes* (a catch up & then Bowie ((inevitably)))






The last few days have been impeccable and gorgeous; I’ve been so busy but that means I don’t just wallow about in my pyjamas thinking up subjects to write on. 

Everyone seems a little weary at the moment, not because of stress or whatever, but more like “we’ve sat exams and now you’re asking us to come back and start straight back again please leave us all alone” It’s mutual between us all. My best friend was such a little sleepy baby today, I pulled up a chair next to her and reading from Patti’s Just Kids. Mostly because my brain is halting to such a stop I couldn’t form sentences, so I left it to Pat- who is incidentally really great at forming sentences. I’m trying to read a lot more than I would usually (Princess Diaries, Twitter feed) and I’ve rediscovered a love of the book, but my brain feels like it might pop as I have about 5 different books on the go. It tends to happen like that.

BOWIE: My brain hurt like a warehouse
It had no room to spare
I had to cram so many things 
To store everything in there

There, that’s how it is. It’s not disconcerting though, I feel quite peaceful. This wasn’t supposed to be a post like this, but I was due to write something ago for you to ‘like’ and make my day. *hint*

I’ve never heard something that hurts my body as much as this, thank you Ziggy:

Love ya X

*drum roll*


WP_20130601_011Hey everyone! I’ve been too busy spending time staring at my nails pleading for them to grow and drinking regrettable concoctions of vodka and other substances (that sounds like the name of a debut album or something) to write anything long and boring, but I did make something scrappy/ziney yesterday!

It was gorgeous really, it was SO hot, and I was sprawled out all day on the grass like a cat (albeit a very focused productive self-publishing cat)

It was really easy to make, so I could cut and stick pretty much as soon as I’d begun, which is great as I suck at remaining interested in things for more than one second. I’ve always liked to be scrappy, I wrote about it once I think. I decided to theme it around it, ‘Lists’, as the pages were really tiny to be able to write anything ‘proper’ but it was still super fun. I’m going to post it seperately- enjoy!

fashion ~ turn to the left~ fashion ~turn to the right~



006I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks- I’ve been super busy, although I couldn’t really say what I’ve been doing. I turned 17, so that’s a good thing! I’ve had such a lovely few days, mainly because I have really great friends, it’s bearable living in this house right now and it’s nearly summer, so I have a lot of things to look forward to, a lot of things to get me out of bed.

For my birthday I received some visual delights as gifts, some of which I’ll share in this post. I love to receive presents which are things that you really like and lust after, but would never buy for yourself as they’re just a little too expensive.

Mum bought me ‘Elle Collections’ of the S/S collections, and I know it’s totally late for you fashion crowd but it’s new and fresh for me. I used to spend hours poring over style.com – so this conveniently paper copy is something to examine in the early hours when I can’t sleep.

I’m not really fashion. I can admire the work, and the time and creativity behind it, but I like to eat too much and spend too much of my life in big jumpers and boxer shorts to ever be a hanger for it. That’s why I’ve never been into minimalist fashion too much, excepting maybe Jil Sander’s S/S 2011 collection, just because it was the first time I realised how simplicity can be so beautiful, and also it was totally wearable. It was so easy for the high street to emulate, being simple colours and cuts, so it suited my income, (income being £0 at that point of my life as I was jobless and dissatisfied. In fact I think I started shoplifting around this time, I stole a H&M copy of one of the stripy dresses. Fashion is bad)

I digress. This Elle collection made me swoon, and swoon- because- Meadham Kirchoff. I wrote about them before. There isn’t a spread of their full collection, unlike others later in the post- but just these pictures make my heart thud hard.



Ugh, my palms are sweating it’s just SO not right, it’s too much, it doesn’t go with the rules and it’s perfect. Fashion is ridiculous and this shows that. Vivienne Westwood once said,

‘Don’t just eat McDonalds, get something a bit better. Eat a salad. That’s what fashion is, something a bit better.

Now, I really really like McDonalds, but I think I prefer salad. Woah, that’s deep. Take a second to think about that.

Meanwhile, in my Elle Collections i got for my 17th, look what else it’s offering me!:


Remember when I said I only really loved Meadham Kirchoff? Ha, ha! I’m not an expert, but I know that I love this collection. I did a Polyvore of this sort of thing before, and look!!! I want that dress.


Dries van Noten has never really struck a chord with me much before, but this. It’s the pattern, and the layers and the texture. It’s so loose and androgynous, it’s totally summer. See, this is why I have to have breaks from fashion magazines. I really am A* at sounding like a dickhead.

Meanwhile, Miuccia has done it again:


Everything is 100% covetable. Unfgh

Today all I’ve done is read David Bowie IS, (another present from my best friend. I will scan that another day, it deserves time on it), have a bath, and think about university again. Can somebody stroke my hair and tell me everything is going to be rad, and I won’t make shitty choices for my future? Can somebody give me loads of money so I can just live in Paris instead of having to go and get a degree and then probably not getting a job after? No? I’ll settle for listening to this on a loop then- the smile is already spreading across my face. This shit is good.

BYE see ya Love ya ByE X