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006I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks- I’ve been super busy, although I couldn’t really say what I’ve been doing. I turned 17, so that’s a good thing! I’ve had such a lovely few days, mainly because I have really great friends, it’s bearable living in this house right now and it’s nearly summer, so I have a lot of things to look forward to, a lot of things to get me out of bed.

For my birthday I received some visual delights as gifts, some of which I’ll share in this post. I love to receive presents which are things that you really like and lust after, but would never buy for yourself as they’re just a little too expensive.

Mum bought me ‘Elle Collections’ of the S/S collections, and I know it’s totally late for you fashion crowd but it’s new and fresh for me. I used to spend hours poring over – so this conveniently paper copy is something to examine in the early hours when I can’t sleep.

I’m not really fashion. I can admire the work, and the time and creativity behind it, but I like to eat too much and spend too much of my life in big jumpers and boxer shorts to ever be a hanger for it. That’s why I’ve never been into minimalist fashion too much, excepting maybe Jil Sander’s S/S 2011 collection, just because it was the first time I realised how simplicity can be so beautiful, and also it was totally wearable. It was so easy for the high street to emulate, being simple colours and cuts, so it suited my income, (income being £0 at that point of my life as I was jobless and dissatisfied. In fact I think I started shoplifting around this time, I stole a H&M copy of one of the stripy dresses. Fashion is bad)

I digress. This Elle collection made me swoon, and swoon- because- Meadham Kirchoff. I wrote about them before. There isn’t a spread of their full collection, unlike others later in the post- but just these pictures make my heart thud hard.



Ugh, my palms are sweating it’s just SO not right, it’s too much, it doesn’t go with the rules and it’s perfect. Fashion is ridiculous and this shows that. Vivienne Westwood once said,

‘Don’t just eat McDonalds, get something a bit better. Eat a salad. That’s what fashion is, something a bit better.

Now, I really really like McDonalds, but I think I prefer salad. Woah, that’s deep. Take a second to think about that.

Meanwhile, in my Elle Collections i got for my 17th, look what else it’s offering me!:


Remember when I said I only really loved Meadham Kirchoff? Ha, ha! I’m not an expert, but I know that I love this collection. I did a Polyvore of this sort of thing before, and look!!! I want that dress.


Dries van Noten has never really struck a chord with me much before, but this. It’s the pattern, and the layers and the texture. It’s so loose and androgynous, it’s totally summer. See, this is why I have to have breaks from fashion magazines. I really am A* at sounding like a dickhead.

Meanwhile, Miuccia has done it again:


Everything is 100% covetable. Unfgh

Today all I’ve done is read David Bowie IS, (another present from my best friend. I will scan that another day, it deserves time on it), have a bath, and think about university again. Can somebody stroke my hair and tell me everything is going to be rad, and I won’t make shitty choices for my future? Can somebody give me loads of money so I can just live in Paris instead of having to go and get a degree and then probably not getting a job after? No? I’ll settle for listening to this on a loop then- the smile is already spreading across my face. This shit is good.

BYE see ya Love ya ByE X

“more like…FUN-day!”

I felt like I could probably write a post, so I’m just going to go with that impulse. I have drunk A LOT of black coffee today, so forgive me if I seem a little erratic.

I always seem to write a lot in my diary on a Sunday, I read a lot in the Sunday paper supplements in the morning and I suppose they stay with me a bit.

Sunday, really, properly is my favourite day. I guess it’s because it’s the only day when I’m not at school/working, but there is still a routine- with no expectation. Quite a lot of the time I spend Sunday hungover, examining lovebites on my neck, generally feeling lousy for whatever I did the night before. The last two weeks I haven’t been drinking alcohol, not particularly intentionally- but its been lovely. I can enjoy a Sunday for something other than bacon.

A highlight of a Sunday is listening to 6Music. As I type I listen to Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service, which is my highlight of the week. 4 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon, is there ever a nicer time? I’m so chilled out right now, I could probably sleep. Not even sleep, just close my eyes and breathe deeply. It’s probably a caffeine low.

Every Sunday, when I wake up- I chuckle a little because I don’t have to get up and get shouted at for being late for anything. It’s the little things! Sunday is the only day I get a chance to ‘dress up’. I have to wear uniform 6 days a week (which I’ve written about before if you care to read it), so Sunday is ALWAYS bra-less, always with slouchy big clothes, and unwashed hair (I wash my hair on a SUNDAY NIGHT okay mom, bcos then im sorted for school. all week) Thats not really dressing up is it? I like it though, because what I wear doesn’t have to be practical- because I’m usually at home, or maybe I’ll go to the supermarket or something. No-one cares what shit you wear to the supermarket. Wear diamonds

Now, can you just listen to this- as I go and get more caffeine to ingest?

it’s just a restless feeling by my side”


Have a lovely week everyone. Tara X

The title is optional, but I’m going to take the option

Hello all! I haven’t written in an age, but I’m feeling fresh and zen and kind of like a new person (woah, this REALLY MUST BE A MOOD SWING) so i thought I’d take advantage of this and try and write a post and re-greet my 5 followers!

I’d love to say that I’ve instantly become infatuated with this beautiful, wordy, blogging site, but being a 16 year old with a short attention span who has, since, writing this post been distracted by everything EVERYTHING including the grapes next to me, (grapes are so firm and juicy i love grapes) my dog (isnt he so fluffy) and the telly (did you know the sound of music was the best selling album of the 1960s?? Boss).

Anyway. I’ve been off school for nearly a month (going giddy at the thought of this) and I’ve been having the most wonderful time, doing little revision (I am motivated I am I am….okay yeah i’m not) and kind of just drinking a lot- but having fun, and that is the main thing. In fact, since the Jubilee shenanigans I haven’t really been out or done much- but maybe that’s because my mum has JUST got over her hangover (4 days people) and I kind of had a reality check.

Clothes, lets talk about clothes.

I’ve been reading a lot of magazines of recent (IT KIND OF COUNTS AS REVISING, I WANT TO BE A WRITER- HELLO!??!?!) and sometimes I truly believe that their is little passion, especially in the weeklies. Sex position of the week, Beauty under £5, Best Celebrity Tweets!

Good fun, but do I want to clog my mind with pictures of Tulisa’s cellulite? I just want to read something that will make me feel good about myself- even features in monthlies sometimes make me a bit depressed, such as ‘Is the Internet making us loners?’, ‘Are we living virtual lives?’

Its like c’mon now, show me some Valentino creations so I can sit down with a brew and get lost in this fantasy! I don’t GIVE A SHIT IF PATRICK KIELTY IS GOING OUT WITH CAT DEELEY

(i said I was in a good mood didnt i)

What have I been wearing?

What have I been wanting to wear, (I have mainly been wearing stolen clothes from my friends or just towels. A big towel is nice and so versatile)

With all the Royal stuff, pastel and pleats are in probably, see I dont even know, I’m just a recluse- but this makes me want to be all grunge even more it feels British to not want to wash for a week

This is the dream outfit for summer, not too short, not too LA!!!!!!!!!!!! A bit too chavvy, but definetely how I’m feeling


I feel like I’ve outstayed my welcome. Please like this, because I genuinely feel like crying with ecstasy when i realise people read this. I’ll give your blog and browse too, we can all make each other’s day.

Remember to keep reading and walking about, watching people, learning. We’re learning every day