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006I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks- I’ve been super busy, although I couldn’t really say what I’ve been doing. I turned 17, so that’s a good thing! I’ve had such a lovely few days, mainly because I have really great friends, it’s bearable living in this house right now and it’s nearly summer, so I have a lot of things to look forward to, a lot of things to get me out of bed.

For my birthday I received some visual delights as gifts, some of which I’ll share in this post. I love to receive presents which are things that you really like and lust after, but would never buy for yourself as they’re just a little too expensive.

Mum bought me ‘Elle Collections’ of the S/S collections, and I know it’s totally late for you fashion crowd but it’s new and fresh for me. I used to spend hours poring over – so this conveniently paper copy is something to examine in the early hours when I can’t sleep.

I’m not really fashion. I can admire the work, and the time and creativity behind it, but I like to eat too much and spend too much of my life in big jumpers and boxer shorts to ever be a hanger for it. That’s why I’ve never been into minimalist fashion too much, excepting maybe Jil Sander’s S/S 2011 collection, just because it was the first time I realised how simplicity can be so beautiful, and also it was totally wearable. It was so easy for the high street to emulate, being simple colours and cuts, so it suited my income, (income being £0 at that point of my life as I was jobless and dissatisfied. In fact I think I started shoplifting around this time, I stole a H&M copy of one of the stripy dresses. Fashion is bad)

I digress. This Elle collection made me swoon, and swoon- because- Meadham Kirchoff. I wrote about them before. There isn’t a spread of their full collection, unlike others later in the post- but just these pictures make my heart thud hard.



Ugh, my palms are sweating it’s just SO not right, it’s too much, it doesn’t go with the rules and it’s perfect. Fashion is ridiculous and this shows that. Vivienne Westwood once said,

‘Don’t just eat McDonalds, get something a bit better. Eat a salad. That’s what fashion is, something a bit better.

Now, I really really like McDonalds, but I think I prefer salad. Woah, that’s deep. Take a second to think about that.

Meanwhile, in my Elle Collections i got for my 17th, look what else it’s offering me!:


Remember when I said I only really loved Meadham Kirchoff? Ha, ha! I’m not an expert, but I know that I love this collection. I did a Polyvore of this sort of thing before, and look!!! I want that dress.


Dries van Noten has never really struck a chord with me much before, but this. It’s the pattern, and the layers and the texture. It’s so loose and androgynous, it’s totally summer. See, this is why I have to have breaks from fashion magazines. I really am A* at sounding like a dickhead.

Meanwhile, Miuccia has done it again:


Everything is 100% covetable. Unfgh

Today all I’ve done is read David Bowie IS, (another present from my best friend. I will scan that another day, it deserves time on it), have a bath, and think about university again. Can somebody stroke my hair and tell me everything is going to be rad, and I won’t make shitty choices for my future? Can somebody give me loads of money so I can just live in Paris instead of having to go and get a degree and then probably not getting a job after? No? I’ll settle for listening to this on a loop then- the smile is already spreading across my face. This shit is good.

BYE see ya Love ya ByE X

❤❤❤ Discovering OLD music (by old I mean stuff from 2008 that you’ve got too good for..((btw you’ve haven’t))) ❤❤❤

images (2)

Can I please write a post? Please!! Please?! Okay, now I’ve started so I’m going to do it, even though I’m supposed to be revising vocabulary about ‘holidays’ in French, but then I started to search bands who are playing *Glastonbury*, (that was yesterday’s good news!! AAH!)- which led on to trawling through my old iTunes library (which is the greatest thing to ever do when you feel sad, and stressed and like your life is only a string of people who don’t call back  whilst eating a packet of biscuits at a time)

So, basically- I accidentally stumbled upon No Doubt’s ‘Tragic Kingdom’ which I am STILL LISTENING TO NOW, and I’m smiling and mouthing all the words, (although just then I mouthed ‘mouthing all the words’ because I got confused and my brain is slowly grinding to a halt. Tadgggahaqw.)

This album just sounds SO RIGHT all the time, because it heaved me out of a time when all I listened to was folk or really cutesy whispering female singer-songwriters- and then the Goddess that is Gwen Stefani plays through my stereo- firstly hearing ‘Just a girl’ on the radio, and then followed by the rest of ‘Tragic Kingdom’. I’m not a massive No Doubt fan, I don’t own any of their other music- this sufficed.

I was stuck in a twirl of listening to quiet, shuffly, acoustic female singers- and I’d recently got a guitar for my birthday so this was good in some ways, but sometimes, I felt a bit like the folk stuff I REALLY liked was Bob, and Neil Young, and Leonard Cohen which I couldn’t really sing without feeling a bit like a *dude*. (apart from Neil Young, I can imitate his beautiful falsetto immaculately)

So, this album basically just said to me, “Erm, what are you doing??? Stand up and start shouting!! Go crazy! You’re angry right?!??! You should be!! SHIT happens every day!!! RARGH RARGH!!” CUE me singing to Just a Girl, a few weeks later after playing it over 100 times : I’VE HAD IT UP TO…HERE!!! (with the gesture of the hand above my hand, just to emphasise how far I’d had it up to)

Let’s just take a moment to study everything about this video. It’s gonna make you want to smash up a car, crop the shit out of old tees and FILM.

I probably began listening to this album in 2009, and I don’t feel the same about it as I did then. I think it’s difficult to repeat the initial excitement you get when you first hear a band (although not in all cases, my infatuation with Suede has stuck with me for a long, long time now. I just have the biggest crush on Brett Anderson *new tribute post ideas*)

I don’t think you should feel bad when you feel like you’ve ditched a band a bit. I mean, I still COMPLETELY love this album, but I don’t want to listen to it as soon as I get in from home right up until I go to bed. If this is making you nod your head and go ‘I totally hear ya, grrl’ I’ll direct you to the queen, Tavi Gevinson- who can pretty much summarise this where I can’t even skim the surface. She talks about Bob Dylan, and finishes it with:

I take comfort in knowing that it’s OK, then, for me to change too, and that, when I need to, Bob Dylan will find his way back into my life as needed. As long as I can put on one of his records, I can always find home.

As much as I admire Gwen as a style icon, I feel like No Doubt helped me to discover new music, and that’s why I love music so much- one things leads to another and it’s like an AMAZING NEVER ENDING FAMILY TREE OF ONLY COOL RELATIVES AND AUNTS (imagine that.) It’s like Joni Mitchell’s Blue is still one of my favourite albums ever ever ever, but it helped me through something really emotionally draining- so now when I listen to it, it doesn’t feel the same- but it means more because I can listen to it with a new perspective of new-found WISDOM about emotion and stuff. I’m really spewing out the shit tonight! Stay with me! Let’s hug!

Whilst I slowly rock myself on my chair, repeating Iwilldoworknow Iwillstarttoworknow, and compose my thoughts on how to turn around this post, gander at some fabulous bindi work from Gwen.





I'm going to try this hairstyle at school tomorrow
I’m going to try this hairstyle at school tomorrow


HERE’S ME ACTUALLY TRYING IT OUT FOR REAL AT LAST YEAR’S LATITUDE: (It was really boring and I had a really bad time)

Just wear whatever you want as long as it breaks every fashion rule you’ve ever thought. For extra research into riot grrl inspiration, I cannot recommend this HIGHLY ENOUGH:

Try it out! Obviously you’re already wasting your time on the internet (har har har feeling v.self deprecating tonight!) so revel through your old music collection and marvel how that one time you were crying over a boy/girl to the Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah is a thing of the past, and you’ve got over it (hopefully. If not, pull yourself together. That was 2006.)

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. X

I want to be the girl with the most cake


I just wrote a whole post and it got deleted. Wwwwoohoo! Hello! I went to Cambridge today with my girl friends and it was so lovely. I haven’t slept much in the last few days, and everyone else also seemed really sleepy, which therefore made us really giggly (you know when you’re so tired and everything is so so so hilarious. Nothing even seems real. Brillo)

Essentially it was a shopping trip, but a lot of the time was also spent with us sitting on benches as we rubbed our poor feet. Women’s shoes are never never comfortable to be worn so much. I have these Chelsea boots that are my go-to shoes, but even them today slowly killed me off. Enough complaining.

I should really take more photographs- but I always think it’s nicer just to remember places from smells, or feelings, rather than me fucking around with a camera I got from argos that doesn’t quite take nice pictures at all- missing all the life. That’s my beef with technology as a whole, people spending oo much time looking down at a little screen than up at the sky. Brill though if you do your eyeliner really well, because with all the looking down at your phone people can compliment you. ‘I like your flicks!’ That is, until of course, you laugh too much you flicks start to flick downwards, towards your chin, because your friends are so funny

ANYWAY, onto fashion- I bought the delectable, sweet, scrumptious hairband from topshop today, it was a complusive on a whim buy, but I walked round the shop with it on my head for ages and thought I need this. I didn’t just walk out with it, of course, shoplifting is bad, no matter what Morrissey sings about (when I had my proper smiths phase, I did shoplift (ssshh) and I was uniting with others, and we were taking over. Naive)


It looks better on. I would post a picture if I could be half-arsed. I’m into the whole grungey thing at the moment. It might be in fashion, I’m not exactly sure what fashion even means, what the definition of it is. I think it might be #trending. My friend told me what trending was today. You wouldn’t think I was a teenager, I feel so out of it. It’s like the word ‘hipster’ I dont really think you can define it. Is fashion what they’re throwing down the catwalk, what they’re spewing out at Primark, or what people are wearing in the street? I DON’T KNOW MAYBE THERE ARE NO ANSWERS…~~~~~~~~MINDFUCK@@@@~~~~

So yes, the 1990s are in, in someways- I suppose- the whole subculture thing was the thing that drew me to it in the first place. The music. TEENAGE FANCLUB OH MY GOD.. thats a post for another day. Definetely tomorrow’s

So I’ve been thinking about throwing things together to look a bit ‘dgaf grungey’, and I realised that essentially all you need is

  • Cobain- stringy unwashed greasy mop hair (NO PROBLEM HERE THEN, in the school holidays I go multiple days without washing-yolo), preferably dyed, ‘Maybe, maybe it’s the clothes we wear, The tasteless bracelets and the dye in our hair’ Suede– 
  • Maybe to smoke, if you”re ready to properly commit, and always in places where everyone you know might see you (outside Mcdonalds, in church yards (this one is fun AND ironic)- BUT nowhere near John Lewis, (you might bump into your friends mum, mum’s friend, or a primary school teacher. Bit disrespectful.)
  • To not do what i just did and compile an outfit. Wear things that look gross, that smell gross, but it must be something to do with a band. Some firm favourites are ‘Jimi Hendrix’ Nirvana’ and ‘Beastie Boys’ tops BUT DON’T GET THEM FROM H+M THAT IS WAY TOO… easy YGM

Here is something that I compiled earlier. I mean, no, as if I have time to even think about mundane shit like BLOGGING GOD MAN. I was too busy skinning a joint listening to Kerrang!radio…………….*.*


Or whatever. Do what you want- in all seriousness- being all grungey and grimey is kind of well empowering because YOU KNOW that a lot of people will sneer down on you, and you have this weird smugness about it. Oh, hell. Why am I telling you these things. You little fashion angels already know what I’m talking about.

Stay classy, and safe, 

GB x