*spend my time just drinking wine and looking at the view*



You know what, I have so much to do (only bleedin’ going to Glastonbury next week ain’t I!) but I’ve just rediscovered another old album I used to adore and feel compelled to write about it. When starting this blog, I never intended for it to be music-based but I suppose it’s turned out that way because I find it has more substance than fashion or whatever.

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Anyway, (this is going to be HEY! Here’s a really short post as the pasta’s boiling over constantly) but I’ve been listening to The Kinks are the Village Green Prevesation Society, because for school we had to find something about ‘looking back’, and for me- in both way- it reminds me of looking back to when I was listening to it, and also reminds me of long summers of my childhood.


Here are some links I really have to go eat (hunnnnnnnnngry):

Do you remember Walter?

Sitting by the Riverside (sigh sigh sigh):

Village Green:

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