Glastonbury 2013 (a terrible intro post- there will be more to follow)


I got back from Glastonbury on Monday, and I’m still riding on that high as much as I possibly can. I’ve been in a constant good mood since I’ve been back, filled with the new-found sense of ‘Hey, maybe everything isn’t actually so shitty and at least I can come to this every year!”

It’s hard to explain when you write as badly as I do- especially because there are just vibes and you get to talk to everyone which is something that is actually pretty hard to do normally as people are too quick to shiftily start tapping away at their phone when they see my big, lonely puppy eyes eager for conversation. Anyway, it was so incredible, and I got a tan, and I saw Johnny Marr & the Stones, and met some wonderful people and a new found zeal for life (and particularly summer.)

I’ll post some photos up soon- once my film’s decided to end (Lomography film is literally never ending —therefore perfect—-)

I got in a suitably nice amount of trouble back at school for going, but I would get expelled to go again. (it’s on rock n roll but i like it)

CAN I STOP WRITING NOW? can I stop torturing you? Let’s pretend this never happened


~ How I adore you *camera Obscura* I’ll turn you up to eleven ~

TAGLINE: ~A really really half-hearted unworthy post about Camera Obscura’s wonderful new release, ‘Desire Lines’~

camera-obscura1I haven’t post for a week or whatever, because I’ve been busy trying to perfect my puttanesca sauce, learning lines for this ol’ play I’m in, and listening to Camera Obscura’s new album Desire Lines.

Since pasta is carb-y therefore not particularly stylish, Shakespeare is old therefore not so rad, I guess Camera Obscura are hip enough to write about (by hip I mean really fucking good, as in- I can’t listen to anything else until I’ve learnt at least all of the lyrics to the first side.)

OKAY: I can’t remember where I first heard Obscura, but I presume it was as a recommendation I read when scouring Belle & Sebastian fan pages for days and days when I was 15 (I pretend I’m no longer like that, but I sort of am)

With most pieces about bands, it’s nice to read what the first album the writer heard was because usually it’s kind of accessible and a good place for the ever faithful reader to begin

‘Let’s Get out of this Country’, released in 2006 is perfection, every song is wonderful, AND REALLY EASY TO PLAY ON GUITAR, but I’m tired and it’s Sunday and my brain is coping with two hangovers so just shut up and listen:

‘Dory Previn’

‘Razzle Dazzle Rose’

‘voir tout en rose’

But of more importance, let’s talk about Desire Lines- because I’ve overplayed it to such an extent that I can’t properly write anything of value about their former stuff.

Let’s talk about ‘New Years Resolution’

New Year’s Resoultion to write something of value

A new year’s resolution to write something would be fine


You offer a friendship I cannot reciprocate

So don’t beg me in a garden for it not to end this way


I’ve been cool with you

I’ve been cool with you

I’ve been cool with you

Which is so wonderful and perfect, ‘I’ve been cool with you’

It seems older and her vocals stronger than aforementioned ‘Lets get out of this Country’ and it has come and SUCH a relevant time in my life, (which I can’t really talk about on here being the internet and really not private etc.) All for which makes a really bad, bad, post.

Still I love you all. And I’ll keep coming back to WordPress, I promise. For now though, please go and buy it. Walk to a shop and buy it. It’s really worth your wages.