new beginnings


~I had the best summer, which is silly as I thought nothing could beat last summer (but it so did) ~

Always feel ready for a fresh start in September rather than January. In January I’m cold, podgy and usually full of port so don’t feel particularly refreshed. I have a really good feeling about things, as long as I work hard and keep my hopes up.

I went to Belfast for my friends during the first week of summer. As I’ve gotten so lazy and no longer can write anything ever, lookie at these which I took on my lil Lomo.





















I need my summer back

Have a lovely week everyone x

Glastonbury 2013 (a terrible intro post- there will be more to follow)


I got back from Glastonbury on Monday, and I’m still riding on that high as much as I possibly can. I’ve been in a constant good mood since I’ve been back, filled with the new-found sense of ‘Hey, maybe everything isn’t actually so shitty and at least I can come to this every year!”

It’s hard to explain when you write as badly as I do- especially because there are just vibes and you get to talk to everyone which is something that is actually pretty hard to do normally as people are too quick to shiftily start tapping away at their phone when they see my big, lonely puppy eyes eager for conversation. Anyway, it was so incredible, and I got a tan, and I saw Johnny Marr & the Stones, and met some wonderful people and a new found zeal for life (and particularly summer.)

I’ll post some photos up soon- once my film’s decided to end (Lomography film is literally never ending —therefore perfect—-)

I got in a suitably nice amount of trouble back at school for going, but I would get expelled to go again. (it’s on rock n roll but i like it)

CAN I STOP WRITING NOW? can I stop torturing you? Let’s pretend this never happened


*happy* campers


I went camping with my friends on Monday. I’m going to share this picture to remind an older version of myself scrolling through her old blog haplessly and helplessly, that is was REALLY wonderful, and it DIDN’T rain and we DIDN’T walk back at 6 in the morning because it was so cold. I love them all.

(Meanwhile, trying to get shit done and writing non-electronically.)

It is a Tuesday, and I am watching a film. Also: I want a pixie crop

seberg_jean_04_g“I live with melancholy

My friend is vague distress 

I wake up every morning

And say, “Bonjour tristesse”

It is almost 3 o clock, which is too late to start anything or finish anything. I went camping last night with my best friends, and now it rain so persistently I’m staying in to watch films. (This won’t be a long post, as I’m getting weaker and weaker with post-camp fatigue)

For some reason, I felt the need to watch Bonjour Tristessea 1956 starring the delightful Jean Seberg. It’s the story of a 17-year old girl who spends her summer by the sea with her unconventional father, the themes are sort of:  her naivety, her relationships with others, and ultimately how she will never be the same again after the final events.

So vague, but I don’t want to be all SPOILER! SPOILER! And also, YOU SHOULD SEE ME I REALLY LOOK AND FEEL LIKE SHIT

I read the book by Francoise Sagan before I saw the film, and the book is  a lot, lot better- in my opinion. I read it last summer when I was on holiday in Greece, and could not believe me luck that I had picked an actual BEACH READ that wasn’t as tacky as the things you pick up in WHSmith in the airport, called something like Paradise Forever? and Flip Flop goes my Heart (obviously I suck at writing titles for fiction, and therefore fiction itself.

The book is super short, Sagan was only 18 when it was released and you can capture the reality within the way it’s been written- it could have happened to her (I don’t know if you’re still reading this Hey How you doin)

Some things for you to do now:

  • Go to your library and seek this book out to imagine you’re in a hot country during your summer rather than curled up in your room on the laptop eating Wotsits
  • Take a look at these paradisiacal stills from the film, with the blue skys and THAT PIXIE CROP:







(It isn’t a total feelgood summer film/book BTW, with the title ‘Hello sadness’ as you could probably guess. Don’t worry if you didn’t though, I do A Level French and had to look up ‘Tristesse’. I was pretty OK with Bonjour however.)

Bonjour beaucoup (ha ha ha) Tara X

The title is optional, but I’m going to take the option

Hello all! I haven’t written in an age, but I’m feeling fresh and zen and kind of like a new person (woah, this REALLY MUST BE A MOOD SWING) so i thought I’d take advantage of this and try and write a post and re-greet my 5 followers!

I’d love to say that I’ve instantly become infatuated with this beautiful, wordy, blogging site, but being a 16 year old with a short attention span who has, since, writing this post been distracted by everything EVERYTHING including the grapes next to me, (grapes are so firm and juicy i love grapes) my dog (isnt he so fluffy) and the telly (did you know the sound of music was the best selling album of the 1960s?? Boss).

Anyway. I’ve been off school for nearly a month (going giddy at the thought of this) and I’ve been having the most wonderful time, doing little revision (I am motivated I am I am….okay yeah i’m not) and kind of just drinking a lot- but having fun, and that is the main thing. In fact, since the Jubilee shenanigans I haven’t really been out or done much- but maybe that’s because my mum has JUST got over her hangover (4 days people) and I kind of had a reality check.

Clothes, lets talk about clothes.

I’ve been reading a lot of magazines of recent (IT KIND OF COUNTS AS REVISING, I WANT TO BE A WRITER- HELLO!??!?!) and sometimes I truly believe that their is little passion, especially in the weeklies. Sex position of the week, Beauty under £5, Best Celebrity Tweets!

Good fun, but do I want to clog my mind with pictures of Tulisa’s cellulite? I just want to read something that will make me feel good about myself- even features in monthlies sometimes make me a bit depressed, such as ‘Is the Internet making us loners?’, ‘Are we living virtual lives?’

Its like c’mon now, show me some Valentino creations so I can sit down with a brew and get lost in this fantasy! I don’t GIVE A SHIT IF PATRICK KIELTY IS GOING OUT WITH CAT DEELEY

(i said I was in a good mood didnt i)

What have I been wearing?

What have I been wanting to wear, (I have mainly been wearing stolen clothes from my friends or just towels. A big towel is nice and so versatile)

With all the Royal stuff, pastel and pleats are in probably, see I dont even know, I’m just a recluse- but this makes me want to be all grunge even more it feels British to not want to wash for a week

This is the dream outfit for summer, not too short, not too LA!!!!!!!!!!!! A bit too chavvy, but definetely how I’m feeling


I feel like I’ve outstayed my welcome. Please like this, because I genuinely feel like crying with ecstasy when i realise people read this. I’ll give your blog and browse too, we can all make each other’s day.

Remember to keep reading and walking about, watching people, learning. We’re learning every day


If you can’t stand the cold, get into the kitchen and heat yourself up in the oven

I just got an email offering work experience at Bliss magazine! Proper natural high- feeling good. Eastenders is on too, AND I’m eating a whole packet of hobnobs (dgaf yolo) AND our heating has just been fixed so I’m no longer sitting in a house that may as well be in Antarctica, (like I have been for the last week. Being able to see your breath inside a house during April isn’t the norm)

We started back at school at the start of this week, its okay- well- actually it could be a WHOLE load of better, but I totally get the importance of education, I just wish it wouldn’t be quite so- annoying. Anyway, I’m not going to go on about that now- maybe for another day when I can actually write a balanced insightful post rather than a whiney first-world post about how much SCHOOL SUX

With the hope of summer and all, things are looking up. Usually, looking forward to the summer is usually better than actual summer, which is spent indoors in humid bedrooms- as it rains summer rain outside and you quietly read Jacqueline Wilson books and drink orange squash. Maybe you don’t do this, maybe you’re outside getting with boys you don’t really know at camp-outs, but to be fair, the nicest thing about the summer is the way that it is too long and lazy and gorgeous you do need those days where you just have to sit in bed all day listening to the radio, lest you become tooooo exhausted with the hectic social schedule that is ‘Summer’

When I think about summer, the first image I get is in italy, in the house that my grandfather built. I’m not sure why, as we don’t spend EVERY summer there (my mums Irish and slathering on Factor 30 whilst staying indoors from 11-4 isn’t exactly a holiday), but the way it feels (sleepy) the way it smells (pasta/sunshine/wine) and the weather, (erm, sunny) sums up the perfect getaway in my mind for what summer is really like.

Now, sitting in my kitchen on a cold (but increasingly warmer, thanks Heating Fixer guy) house, looking outside to the church and staring at my dog who is sitting so close to the heater it is possible that he could set alight, I wonder whether the idea of the Perfect Summer Paradise is purely imaginative, as paradise is all inside your head. Fair, it helps if you’re sunbathing, with a Woo Woo in one hand, and a fag in the other, but summer lasts 2 weeks tops, and then you’re back in September, in your woolies wishing for summer again.

Imagine if people loved January as much as they loved August- like ‘BUZZIN!!! JANUARYS GONNA BE SO GOOD 2K12!!!’ I have never heard anyone say anything good about January. Even Jan 1st is a bit bland, after the countdown, you enter the new year regretting what you’ve done in the last few hours in the drunken haze, and then spending your first £20 of the year on the sorrowful taxi home

The idea that summer is all hot LA girls in Levi shorts eating ice lollies doesn’t get me…buzzin’

I will do a proper photoset of summery things soon. My internet connection is being HORRENDOUS (our house is crumbling away)

Meanwhile, follow me on @taralepore

I suck at that too…I am a massive disappointment but hopefully you enjoy that throughout all the perfection on the internet (half sarcasm)

Here’s a video to get you into the summer mood. A little cringey, but you can’t deny you love it, ‘holy cow i love your eyes’

Begin the countdown sweeties, GB x