If you can’t stand the cold, get into the kitchen and heat yourself up in the oven

I just got an email offering work experience at Bliss magazine! Proper natural high- feeling good. Eastenders is on too, AND I’m eating a whole packet of hobnobs (dgaf yolo) AND our heating has just been fixed so I’m no longer sitting in a house that may as well be in Antarctica, (like I have been for the last week. Being able to see your breath inside a house during April isn’t the norm)

We started back at school at the start of this week, its okay- well- actually it could be a WHOLE load of better, but I totally get the importance of education, I just wish it wouldn’t be quite so- annoying. Anyway, I’m not going to go on about that now- maybe for another day when I can actually write a balanced insightful post rather than a whiney first-world post about how much SCHOOL SUX

With the hope of summer and all, things are looking up. Usually, looking forward to the summer is usually better than actual summer, which is spent indoors in humid bedrooms- as it rains summer rain outside and you quietly read Jacqueline Wilson books and drink orange squash. Maybe you don’t do this, maybe you’re outside getting with boys you don’t really know at camp-outs, but to be fair, the nicest thing about the summer is the way that it is too long and lazy and gorgeous you do need those days where you just have to sit in bed all day listening to the radio, lest you become tooooo exhausted with the hectic social schedule that is ‘Summer’

When I think about summer, the first image I get is in italy, in the house that my grandfather built. I’m not sure why, as we don’t spend EVERY summer there (my mums Irish and slathering on Factor 30 whilst staying indoors from 11-4 isn’t exactly a holiday), but the way it feels (sleepy) the way it smells (pasta/sunshine/wine) and the weather, (erm, sunny) sums up the perfect getaway in my mind for what summer is really like.

Now, sitting in my kitchen on a cold (but increasingly warmer, thanks Heating Fixer guy) house, looking outside to the church and staring at my dog who is sitting so close to the heater it is possible that he could set alight, I wonder whether the idea of the Perfect Summer Paradise is purely imaginative, as paradise is all inside your head. Fair, it helps if you’re sunbathing, with a Woo Woo in one hand, and a fag in the other, but summer lasts 2 weeks tops, and then you’re back in September, in your woolies wishing for summer again.

Imagine if people loved January as much as they loved August- like ‘BUZZIN!!! JANUARYS GONNA BE SO GOOD 2K12!!!’ I have never heard anyone say anything good about January. Even Jan 1st is a bit bland, after the countdown, you enter the new year regretting what you’ve done in the last few hours in the drunken haze, and then spending your first £20 of the year on the sorrowful taxi home

The idea that summer is all hot LA girls in Levi shorts eating ice lollies doesn’t get me…buzzin’

I will do a proper photoset of summery things soon. My internet connection is being HORRENDOUS (our house is crumbling away)

Meanwhile, follow me on @taralepore

I suck at that too…I am a massive disappointment but hopefully you enjoy that throughout all the perfection on the internet (half sarcasm)

Here’s a video to get you into the summer mood. A little cringey, but you can’t deny you love it, ‘holy cow i love your eyes’

Begin the countdown sweeties, GB x

I want to be the girl with the most cake


I just wrote a whole post and it got deleted. Wwwwoohoo! Hello! I went to Cambridge today with my girl friends and it was so lovely. I haven’t slept much in the last few days, and everyone else also seemed really sleepy, which therefore made us really giggly (you know when you’re so tired and everything is so so so hilarious. Nothing even seems real. Brillo)

Essentially it was a shopping trip, but a lot of the time was also spent with us sitting on benches as we rubbed our poor feet. Women’s shoes are never never comfortable to be worn so much. I have these Chelsea boots that are my go-to shoes, but even them today slowly killed me off. Enough complaining.

I should really take more photographs- but I always think it’s nicer just to remember places from smells, or feelings, rather than me fucking around with a camera I got from argos that doesn’t quite take nice pictures at all- missing all the life. That’s my beef with technology as a whole, people spending oo much time looking down at a little screen than up at the sky. Brill though if you do your eyeliner really well, because with all the looking down at your phone people can compliment you. ‘I like your flicks!’ That is, until of course, you laugh too much you flicks start to flick downwards, towards your chin, because your friends are so funny

ANYWAY, onto fashion- I bought the delectable, sweet, scrumptious hairband from topshop today, it was a complusive on a whim buy, but I walked round the shop with it on my head for ages and thought I need this. I didn’t just walk out with it, of course, shoplifting is bad, no matter what Morrissey sings about (when I had my proper smiths phase, I did shoplift (ssshh) and I was uniting with others, and we were taking over. Naive)


It looks better on. I would post a picture if I could be half-arsed. I’m into the whole grungey thing at the moment. It might be in fashion, I’m not exactly sure what fashion even means, what the definition of it is. I think it might be #trending. My friend told me what trending was today. You wouldn’t think I was a teenager, I feel so out of it. It’s like the word ‘hipster’ I dont really think you can define it. Is fashion what they’re throwing down the catwalk, what they’re spewing out at Primark, or what people are wearing in the street? I DON’T KNOW MAYBE THERE ARE NO ANSWERS…~~~~~~~~MINDFUCK@@@@~~~~

So yes, the 1990s are in, in someways- I suppose- the whole subculture thing was the thing that drew me to it in the first place. The music. TEENAGE FANCLUB OH MY GOD.. thats a post for another day. Definetely tomorrow’s

So I’ve been thinking about throwing things together to look a bit ‘dgaf grungey’, and I realised that essentially all you need is

  • Cobain- stringy unwashed greasy mop hair (NO PROBLEM HERE THEN, in the school holidays I go multiple days without washing-yolo), preferably dyed, ‘Maybe, maybe it’s the clothes we wear, The tasteless bracelets and the dye in our hair’ Suede– 
  • Maybe to smoke, if you”re ready to properly commit, and always in places where everyone you know might see you (outside Mcdonalds, in church yards (this one is fun AND ironic)- BUT nowhere near John Lewis, (you might bump into your friends mum, mum’s friend, or a primary school teacher. Bit disrespectful.)
  • To not do what i just did and compile an outfit. Wear things that look gross, that smell gross, but it must be something to do with a band. Some firm favourites are ‘Jimi Hendrix’ Nirvana’ and ‘Beastie Boys’ tops BUT DON’T GET THEM FROM H+M THAT IS WAY TOO… easy YGM

Here is something that I compiled earlier. I mean, no, as if I have time to even think about mundane shit like BLOGGING GOD MAN. I was too busy skinning a joint listening to Kerrang!radio…………….*.*


Or whatever. Do what you want- in all seriousness- being all grungey and grimey is kind of well empowering because YOU KNOW that a lot of people will sneer down on you, and you have this weird smugness about it. Oh, hell. Why am I telling you these things. You little fashion angels already know what I’m talking about.

Stay classy, and safe, 

GB x